An Non-Traditional Thanksgiving in New York City (includes Pasta!)

My sister Ally has been living in New York City since graduating high school. Occasionally, to get a break from the boring suburb I lived in, I would hop on a bus for the four-hour ride from Boston to NYC, to visit her on the weekends. I loved these quick weekend getaways.  New York City wasContinue reading “An Non-Traditional Thanksgiving in New York City (includes Pasta!)”

My Personal Soundtrack to Traveling and Tasting

You know how a movie is so much better with an amazing soundtrack.  In fact, there have been times when I didn’t really like the movie but loved the soundtrack. The point is, I’m a believer that everything is just better set to the right music. My constant travel companion during my world-wide adventures findingContinue reading “My Personal Soundtrack to Traveling and Tasting”

DIY Pasta at Home -You’ll be Hooked!

Yes I’ve mentioned it in previous posts. Yes it’s legendary in my family. Yes it’s super delicious. And today I’m sharing the secret step-by-step guide to making the infamous Pop Pop’s Meat Sauce with all of you ( Shhhhhh don’t tell my grandfather.) First, here’s a little background. It’s really a bolognese sauce, which ItaliansContinue reading “DIY Pasta at Home -You’ll be Hooked!”

Found – a Yummy Ziti Dish in Boston

I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, a town just outside of Boston . As a junior in high school, I started working in a local, much-loved pizzeria called Sweet Tomatoes. It had a simple menu of pizza, sandwiches and salads, that were all delicious. Unfortunately for me – no PASTA! It just wasn’t something theyContinue reading “Found – a Yummy Ziti Dish in Boston”

Wandering and Working in Morocco

During my high school years, Rustic Pathways, a travel company that specializes, in group trips for students, was literally my ticket to adventure. I was drawn to their trips because, in addition to offering far away, off the beaten path destinations, they include community service in the area you are visiting. In my opinion, theContinue reading “Wandering and Working in Morocco”

Roaming for Ramen in Bali

“Pasta isn’t just for Italian food anymore. Now there are tasty pasta recipes found in Asian cuisine, and it’s emerging as a newfound love for vegans.”- Marcus Samuelsson In January of last year, my mom, sister and I did a girls trip to Bali to celebrate my Mom’s 50th Birthday. Bali is such a magicalContinue reading “Roaming for Ramen in Bali”

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