The Art of Pasta

Recently, while browsing through Instagram, I came across a very cool profile  @saltyseatttle that drew me in. It’s the brainchild of Linda Miller Nicholson, a Seattle based mom whose five-year-old son was an extremely picky eater. Her frustration with trying to find healthy foods he liked, plus just get him to eat in general, inspired her to start her business Salty Seattle – which makes pasta into gorgeous, colourful, funny, sometimes-political, sometimes-funny, delicious works of art.

Linda, also known as the Pasta Ninja, (which I love!) already knew about making pasta from courses in the United States and Italy, but her creations takes pasta making to a whole new level.  She’s been featured in magazines , on tv and currently has over 200,000 Instagram followers even though it’s  a relatively new company.

The pasta and the colours she uses are from all natural, fresh ingredients. Things like beets, turmeric, chard and carrots are used to create the colours for her master pasta pieces.

“I like to convey messages and challenge people to think outside the box with my work, so I’ve dipped my toe in politically motivated pasta, tackled racial and social justice issues, and generally hope to convey unity, hope, tolerance and joy through pasta. I realize that sounds like a tall order, but we all have tiny ways we can make a difference, and this is mine” – Linda Miller Nicholson

Her pasta is the most vivid and beautiful I have ever seen! It can really brighten up anyones day. Have a look for yourself curtesy of her Instagram…


In addition to travel, cooking and music, art has been a hobby of mine for years now. Linda’s creations have really inspired me to incorporate my art into the food I love the most- Pasta! Not only can you make it taste good, but you can make it look incredible as well. It’s also proof that you can take something , or a few things, you’re passionate about and turn it into a business that inspires people and makes them smile.

The Pasta Ninja says it best…”Even though some of my early dreams didn’t work out exactly how I expected them to, I kept those passions alive and continued to practice at them. Now that I’ve finally found a way to bring them all together and I’m doing exactly what I love most in life, I can say I’m who I want to be when I grow up. It’s a feeling like no other, knowing that your work is also your passion, and I hope as many people as possible get to experience it if even for a short time in their lives.” -Linda Miller Nicholson

If you want to check out more of  Linda’s creations check her out on Instagram at @saltyseatttle

For more information about her company, how she started and what she offers visit 

Plus, here’s a quick video of Linda creating some of her master pasta pieces


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Published by Grace Fuller

Hi, my name is Grace Fuller and I am passionate about two things in life - travel, and pasta. Both my parents are avid travelers. My mom is a travel writer and my dad is in the travel business, meaning I began exploring the world at a very young age. Eventually, I was inspired to venture out on my own to such amazing places as Thailand, Morocco, Bali, Italy, Greece, and more. My love of pasta began with my grandfather's recipe for spaghetti bolognese - which my whole family still refers to as "Pop-Pop's Meat Sauce". I learned how to make it on my own experimenting with different ingredients like spinach, olive oil, garlic, basil, and oregano. In Italy, I learned how to make the noodles from scratch. Pasta is my go-to food no matter where I am. I have literally searched for pasta restaurants in every city I have been to including Chang Mai in Thailand and the Greek Islands. Think of this blog as a pasta map of the world where I share insights into my favorite places around the globe and where to find a great bowl of pasta in each!

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