Greek Island Pasta

“When I’m traveling, I won’t miss an opportunity to try great pasta.” – Meghan Markle

My favorite Greek island to visit is Corfu, hands down.  The northern most island of the  summer I had the privilege to travel there with my best friend Pauline. We stayed at a youth hostel, The Pink Palace, where many college students go for toga parties, the breaking of plates, table dancing (Greek traditions), and booze cruises – all for as little as 20 euros a night. I am fortunate to stay for free because, in his 20s my father worked at “the Palace.” He continues to have a good, life-long friendship with the owner George. IMG_8314

Over the years, when I have visited with my Dad, he has shown me all the secret restaurants and places to get the best food. I took Pauline into Corfu Town – the main village – for souvlaki at a special place my family always goes to while visiting. They serve pork souvlaki for 2 euros a stick… very cheap in my opinion.

Pauline and I also explored the beach a lot. Imagine clusters of tourists lounging on beach chairs by the beautiful  Ionean Sea, all  under umbrellas to shield them from the hot Greek sun. Pauline and I were focused on two things that day: eating well and getting a nice tan (something you can’t get back in London).

After lying out on the beach for a few hours in the early morning, it was starting to approach lunch time. Both our stomachs were grumbling and ready to eat. Instead of a souvlaki craving, I had realised that I haven’t had my fix of Pasta in a few days. Pasta was an easy meal to find in Greece, most touristy places had it, however most touristy places don’t have that good of food. Pauline and I walked down the beach where many restaurants were lined up next to each other. We finally agreed on one called Elena’s Taverna. We were able to agree on this place because it sold a wide selection of different meats and fish, but most importantly, it had pasta on the menu. We both also admired the colour scheme of the restaurant, Blue and white, two very greek colours. The outside patio was very inviting, and although there was a small wasp problem, the waiter took care of it with some heavily scented candles, which ended up adding to the beautiful atmosphere.

I scanned the menu and the seafood spaghetti really stood out to me. This way I could combine fish, (something particularly good in Greece) and pasta, my favorite food. When the meal arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation. The spaghetti was served in a gorgeous shell, something I have never seen before. My first fork full was a mix of delicious, fresh muscles in a light tomato sauce. It was the perfect combination of salty and savoury. By the time I was finished with the dish the shell was empty with only a coating of tomato sauce staining it.


After that lunch I realised that pasta can taste good just about anywhere in the world, even the places you least expect. The trick is to incorporate the native food into your pasta!

If you want to give this place a try next time you go traveling in Corfu you can find it at:


Published by Grace Fuller

Hi, my name is Grace Fuller and I am passionate about two things in life - travel, and pasta. Both my parents are avid travelers. My mom is a travel writer and my dad is in the travel business, meaning I began exploring the world at a very young age. Eventually, I was inspired to venture out on my own to such amazing places as Thailand, Morocco, Bali, Italy, Greece, and more. My love of pasta began with my grandfather's recipe for spaghetti bolognese - which my whole family still refers to as "Pop-Pop's Meat Sauce". I learned how to make it on my own experimenting with different ingredients like spinach, olive oil, garlic, basil, and oregano. In Italy, I learned how to make the noodles from scratch. Pasta is my go-to food no matter where I am. I have literally searched for pasta restaurants in every city I have been to including Chang Mai in Thailand and the Greek Islands. Think of this blog as a pasta map of the world where I share insights into my favorite places around the globe and where to find a great bowl of pasta in each!

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