DIY Pasta at Home -You’ll be Hooked!

Yes I’ve mentioned it in previous posts. Yes it’s legendary in my family. Yes it’s super delicious. And today I’m sharing the secret step-by-step guide to making the infamous Pop Pop’s Meat Sauce with all of you ( Shhhhhh don’t tell my grandfather.)

First, here’s a little background. It’s really a bolognese sauce, which Italians claim is not really an authentic Italian thing, but more an American – or European countries outside of Italy – creation. In Italy, a meat-based sauce cooked for hours and hours on low heat, until the meat is so soft it melts in your mouth – and also flavors the sauce, is called ragu. There’s a debate over whether it actually originated in Bologna, but Bologna is happy to claim it.

Pop Pop’s Meat Sauce, for sure, originated in the kitchen of my great-great grandmother in Calabria, Italy located on the southern tip of the boot if you’re looking at a map. In the early 1900s, she taught her daughter, my great-grandmother how to make it, who taught my grandfather how to make it, who then taught me in the early 2,000s. Although each of us has put our own unique spin on it, the recipe has basically survived a span of 100 years, and created a special bond between us all. It’s simple, uses readily available ingredients, and anyone can master it – even students and novice cooks. Once you try it you’ll be hooked . From my great-great grandmother kitchen and my kitchen to yours, here’s the 2018 version:

Hope you enjoyed me embarrassing myself! Try it one night or afternoon, I promise you’ll love it and maybe pass it on to one of your loved ones, or maybe even your grandchildren someday.



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