Roaming for Ramen in Bali

“Pasta isn’t just for Italian food anymore. Now there are tasty pasta recipes found in Asian cuisine, and it’s emerging as a newfound love for vegans.”- Marcus Samuelsson

In January of last year, my mom, sister and I did a girls trip to Bali to celebrate my Mom’s 50th Birthday. Bali is such a magical place, it was well worth the 22 hour flight from New York. Our first stop was Ubud, known for it’s monkey forest and as the arts and culture center of Bali. In Ubud, we stayed in our own private villa where we had fresh pressed juice and traditional Balinese meals, private yoga classes and massages daily. The villa, called Naya-Ubud, was located in the center of the most beautiful rice fields I had ever seen…

During our stay, we were lucky enough to try all different types of dishes native to Indonesia. My absolute favorite fare – the street food ! One night we traveled by taxi to the outskirts of town and a real Balinese night market for locals. The smells and smoke rising from skillets and grills were amazing.

Our next stop was Seminyak, the hip more urban city in Bali. It was here, I tasted what I thought to be the most authentic Balinese food. The fried rice was the best I have ever had in my life. At a pop-up street market, a man cooked it right in front of me on a large skillet. Served in a simple basket with paper – I dug in!

While the rice was super tasty, my familiar craving for pasta kicked in pretty quickly. Although traditional style pasta dishes were near to impossible to find in Bali, I found the Asian equivalent: Ramen! Ramen is a very popular noodle dish in Asia. It is basically Udon noodles cooked in a broth of your choice. Some ramen dishes come with seafood, vegetables, chicken, beef or whatever your heart desires.


Alchemy, in Ubud,  is a little cafe known to serve healthy vegan foods and array of pressed juices. I, of course was all about the noodles, and gave their vegetable ramen a try. YUMMM – I absolutely adored it! The rich broth mixed with the udon noodles made my stomach warm and happy.  They even threw in some onion and herbs like oregano to add to the flavour. I savoured every last drop and not a single noodle was wasted.

Although it’s not my typical pasta dish, it is just a variation of noodles prepared in a culturally different way. I am always excited to try new things when I am doing the two things I love doing the most, traveling and eating!

If you want to check out more about the amazing villa my family and I stayed check it out at

and if you want some amazing vegan ramen while spending your vacation is Bali check out

Published by Grace Fuller

Hi, my name is Grace Fuller and I am passionate about two things in life - travel, and pasta. Both my parents are avid travelers. My mom is a travel writer and my dad is in the travel business, meaning I began exploring the world at a very young age. Eventually, I was inspired to venture out on my own to such amazing places as Thailand, Morocco, Bali, Italy, Greece, and more. My love of pasta began with my grandfather's recipe for spaghetti bolognese - which my whole family still refers to as "Pop-Pop's Meat Sauce". I learned how to make it on my own experimenting with different ingredients like spinach, olive oil, garlic, basil, and oregano. In Italy, I learned how to make the noodles from scratch. Pasta is my go-to food no matter where I am. I have literally searched for pasta restaurants in every city I have been to including Chang Mai in Thailand and the Greek Islands. Think of this blog as a pasta map of the world where I share insights into my favorite places around the globe and where to find a great bowl of pasta in each!

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