About Me

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta…” -Federico Fellini


Hi my name is Grace Fuller and I am passionate about two things in life – travel and pasta. Both my parents are avid travelers. My mom is a travel writer and my dad is in the travel business, meaning I began exploring the world at a very young age. Eventually, I was inspired to venture out on my own to such amazing places as Thailand, Morocco, Bali, Italy, Greece and more. How does pasta bowtie into all of this ? My love of pasta began with my grandfather’s recipe for spaghetti bolognese, that my whole family still refers to as “Pop-Pop’s Meat Sauce”. I started making it on my own, experimenting with different ingredient’s to put my own spin on it. In Italy, I learned how to make the noodles from scratch. Pasta is my go to food no matter where I am. I have literally searched for restaurants in every city I have been to including, Chang Mai in Thailand and the Greek Islands. Think of this blog as a pasta map of the world, where I share insights into my favorite places around the globe and where to find a great bowl of pasta in each!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Grace,
    you seem like a real Pasta lover, I like it. I enjoy to read your pasta blog and am excited to try out these restaurants in Camden. I hope we can go together and meet up so you show me these places and share your memories and experiences with me. Also I like your personal images you post with your blog and that you still eat pasta very single day. Keep it up and please keep me updated about good Italian Restaurants xxx

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